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Doing vs. Thinking

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Doing vs. Thinking

Doing vs. Thinking

Balancing thought and action seems to be one of the most challenging thing for many people. When thinking of new projects, goals, etc., it is easy to get stuck thinking about what needs to be done instead of planning and doing.

It is what you do that defines you. Do what you should instead of talking about what you should be doing! Being a doer instead of a thinker takes a lot of discipline and commitment!  The only way you are going to make progress is if you do what you are supposed to do! If you are not focused enough you may not be able to get past the thinking stage of getting work done.

If you really need to get something done, you will find a good reason why you have to pursue it otherwise your excuses will constantly convince you why it can’t be done.

Don’t under-plan and under-act! Thinking and planning in advance is important and a vital part of your success and of course acting is even more crucial to long-term goals. You can never get real progress if you don’t take action. Holding on to too many things without getting them done may actually make you anxious and even more stressed than actually doing them. Just think how great it feels when you accomplish a goal and then continue to make more goals to accomplish!

Once you commit to getting started, momentum carries you and once you get results you build positive momentum, which will help you make progress easier and faster.

When planning goals make small goals that you can realistically reach and do not overwhelm yourself with thinking about doing all 10 goals at once. Do your goals at appropriate times and feel that sense of accomplishment once the goal is complete and then keep moving forward and reaching your other goals.  Stop thinking about what needs to be done and get to it! Thinking is not going to help you lose fat, get a work project done, get that workout done, etc. GET DOING & GET IT DONE!

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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