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Changing Your Fat Loss Mindset: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

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Changing Your Fat Loss Mindset: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Changing Your Fat Loss Mindset: Three Things to Keep In Mind

By Gwen Morris

Embarking on a new lifestyle change can be scary. When you begin your journey in fitness and flexible dieting, you are not only making a physical change--you are making a mental change. You are changing the way you think about your body, your food, your activity, and even your life. Coming from a society that focuses so much on crash-dieting and instant success, you may feel a bit lost at first. The following tips are geared toward helping you establish a new perspective.

  1. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Lose 10 pounds in 10 days? Maybe if you want to gain it all back right away. Success doesn’t happen in a few days. If you want your results to be MAINTAINABLE, you have to be patient with yourself. Seeing results is encouraging--therefore, NOT seeing results can be discouraging. You need to remember, though, that real success takes patience, dedication, and consistency. Be patient, keep up the hard work, and stay consistent--and you WILL see results.

  1. How YOU feel is important.

You shouldn’t hate your life while making fitness changes. Flexible dieting is all about being flexible-you shouldn’t be miserable. Of course, your journey in becoming a healthier version of yourself is going to be challenging. However, you SHOULDN’T consistently be doing things that make you UNHAPPY. If you are working with a nutritionist or trainer, tell them how you feel--your mental health is just as important as how you look or how your body is changing. Instead of choosing exercises or foods that you hate, work with a trainer to choose workout options that you will enjoy, and work with a nutritionist to find foods that fit your macros AND you also like eating. Will you have to make sacrifices and challenge yourself? Of course. But do you have to be completely miserable? Of course not!

  1. It’s not about perfection.

“Perfect” doesn’t exist, and obsession isn’t the answer. Yes, you are aiming to hit your macros, perform quality workouts, drink enough water, sleep the right amount...but you are also human. Messing up one day doesn’t mean that you have failed. Just pick back up where you left off and get back on the wagon, and don’t let a temporary mess-up mean that you have failed.

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