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8 ways to deal with feeling hungry when counting macros

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8 ways to deal with feeling hungry when counting macros

8 ways to deal with feeling hungry when counting macros

  1. Ask yourself: am I really hungry, or am I just bored? Check your macros and see your intake throughout the day. If you have been undereating, you probably do need the additional food. It’s important to eat when you are hungry, however know that if you have hit your macros your body is adequately fueled and you should not require much more food, a small snack or a glass of water may be all you need. Try doing something to keep yourself busy such as going for a walk or watching a show.
  2. Water, water, water! Not drinking enough H20 can cause you to feel like you are hungry, when in reality you could just be dehydrated. Try drinking a glass or two and see how you feel. Also, carbonated water beverages like seltzer can help with feeling hungry as well.
  3. Gum, mints, etc! Brushing your teeth can help as well. The minty coolness that comes with teeth brushing/gum chewing etc seems to help signal to our brain that mealtime is over.
  4. High fiber or high protein snacks are a great way to curb that hunger urge! Fruits, especially apples, are a great snack to try. Also, a protein shake or bar could be beneficial as well.
  5. Try spreading your macros out better throughout the day! For example, do not eat all of your macros in the morning, and certainly don’t save them all for the night. Eat small meals throughout the day to help regulate your hunger.
  6. Try volume eating! This means incorporating foods that are lower in calories/macros with each meal so you get to eat larger portions! Some volume eating staples: leafy greens, zucchini, cucumbers, cauliflower, fruits, fat free cheeses and yogurts, lean ground turkey, protein powder, etc.
  7. Make sure you actually hit your macros! If you are undereating proteins, fats, and carbs, you are obviously going to feel hungry. I know it’s a strange concept but sometimes eating just a little more can aid in fat loss! Don’t be afraid of any macros, especially carbs! We need those to function J

8. If all else fails, and you are still hungry, EAT. Food is fuel! If you have gone above your macros for one day it will NOT hinder your progress! Just keep moving forward!

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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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