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7 Ways To Dominate Your fat-loss resolutions and sticking to them!!

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7 Ways To Dominate Your fat-loss resolutions and sticking to them!!

7 Ways To Dominate Your fat-loss resolutions and sticking to them!!

  1. If you are new to the RevolutioniZe program or if you have been here for months but have fallen off a little it is time to get back on track! First things first if you start a program do the program 100%!! You are investing into the program so use it! You cannot half do something and expect great results! Fully put your time and effort into the fat loss program! Just like with any other weight/fat loss program it will not work if you do not try. Fat loss is not magic is takes dedication, motivation & drive!
  2. Set short-term goals for long-term results. Take day by day and hit your short term goals that will eventually add up to your long-term goals. Too many times we set unrealistic goals for ourselves and it ends up in failure.  For example when someone who is 160 pounds say they want to lose 30 pounds in 1 month it is not realistic stick to smaller goals and focus on what can be done for your body in that time period.
  3. Schedule your time wisely. Plan out your day or weeks to when you will work out or when you will meal prep or what you will eat that day. Schedule it like it’s an appointment and do not cancel on yourself.
  4. Find a motivated buddy! Whether it’s a gym buddy or just a friend that keeps you motivated throughout the day and has positive vibes, having that support by your side helps a long way!
  5. Keep records of your goals. Write them down and when you complete them check them off and create new goals!
  6. Celebrate the little victories! Find ways to celebrate your little victories besides “rewarding” yourself with food reward yourself with a new piece of clothing that you can now fit in or new shoes or go to the movies etc.
  7. Worry about yourself & do it for YOURSELF and no one else. Do it to feel good about yourself mentally and physically by sticking to the plan!!

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    Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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