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6 steps to making a healthy lifestyle change

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6 steps to making a healthy lifestyle change

6 steps to making a healthy lifestyle change:

What many of us fail to realize is when we are trying to make a change in lifestyle you are going up against years of behavior and habits. Someone does not become overweight, diabetic, etc overnight so we should not expect us to change our lifestyle overnight either or even a week or more. While we have within ourselves the ability to make changes it is if we actually take the actions necessary to bring about these changes and stick to them. Here are 6 steps on how to make a change towards a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Identify your priorities and commitments
  • Your behaviors and habits are determined by your priorities so when you change your priorities your behavior will also change. Changing your priorities is much more difficult than changing your behavior and trying to attempt one without the other is usually not successful. If we focus on the behavior but do not determine the priorities, the behavior will always go back to what it was.
  • Identify your priorities by making a written list of what is important to you and then organizing these items in order of importance. By doing this we can see where we spend most of our time, for example do you spend more time watching TV than you do exercising or preparing meals for yourself? I always hear the excuse “I don’t have time to work out” or “eating healthy is expensive” but these are not matters of time or money they are matters of priorities. Now that you are more aware of your priorities you can see if you want to change them.
  1. Awareness of your belief systems
  • Your individual priorities are determined by your belief system and your belief system is based on past experiences and conscious choice. For example we have been told for years that egg yolks and butter will raise our cholesterol and lead to heart disease but recent studies have shown very little or no impact on cholesterol levels at all. The question of which studies you follow does not necessarily depend on which ones are correct it depends on which ones you believe. We have been taught to believe that there is a right way and a bad way.
  • You most likely have your beliefs or behave the way you do because of some experience you had or lesson you learned in the past. If you realize this belief or behavior is holding you back today you may ask yourself why you continue to believe or behave this way. The more aware you are of what you believe in the more likely you are to make choices that suits your best interests. If you want to change your lifestyle then you must be ready to change your self-image.
  1. Create a personal strategy
  • The standardized one-size-fits all approach is not effective when trying to strategize a plan for an individual. Everybody is different on the inside and outside. Your goal should be to determine what works best for you not what worked for someone else. Once you acknowledge your individual strategy now it is time to create one. Find the help you need appropriate for your goal. If you want to start working out and are not familiar with working out get a trainer or if you want to start eating better go to a nutritionist.
  1. Know your “why”?
  • If you do not know why you want to change, you are more likely to lose your motivation eventually. Not knowing your “why” is usually the reason for failing to reach your goals. Some people start a lifestyle change without even making the decision to change in the first place they do it because they heard or read someone else did it so they begin blindly following the plan. Your “why” must come from your heart, not your head.
  1. Visualize being successful
  • Now you must create an image around your “why” to make it real. Get a clear picture in your mind of yourself going about your new daily routine and working on attaining your goal. Once you created that picture in your mind, it is easy to bring it back up when you want or need to see it again. If you can see something, then you can believe it and you can achieve it. Live as if you have already succeeded and go back to that image anytime you need to recharge. This will help change your attitude and the way you live your life.
  1. Make the decision & make the commitment
  • The most overlooked and difficult step in making a change is making the decision to change. We all have the power to change and succeed. You can have the best of intentions and make all the plans to make a change but until you actually decide to take action nothing will ever come of those intentions and plans. Once you make a true commitment and make the decision to change, attaining your goal suddenly becomes a much more likely result.
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    Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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