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6 Non Scale Victories You Shouldn't Overlook

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6 Non Scale Victories You Shouldn't Overlook

So many of us are so caught up on what the scale says instead of other more important things that matter in life…We let a number on the scale define us and our happiness which is really silly if you think about it!! How can ONE number which is your relationship with gravity define you? Enjoy the non-scale victories like…

  1. Being able to play with your kids/nephews/nieces/grandkids again! This is my favorite victory to hear from people because it truly means a lot to the person that they are able to accomplish this and be a part of the kid’s life again and not just watch from the side. Having extra fat on you can slow you down and affect your endurance but as you start losing fat that can easily change your endurance levels and energy! A scale cannot tell you your strength and endurance.
  2. Getting blood results back and the numbers are moving in the right direction! It is always a good day when the doctor tells you that your numbers are improving and you may be able to get off of your medication (for example; blood pressure medicine). Your weight alone is a poor indicator of your health you can be thin and unhealthy or overweight and healthy don’t get lulled into believing that your weight can determine if you are fit and healthy or not.
  3. Having day-by-day victories about being more in control such as skipping the doughnuts at work, didn’t have a drink at the end of the night, drove past my favorite fast food place and didn’t give in, didn’t eat any of the kids snack, etc.
  4. Seeing changes in your body and being happy with how you look in pictures compared to where you started!! It is a big deal when people see differences in you but when you see them yourself it’s a BIGGER deal.
  5. Being able to go down a size in clothing or belt size! Ok so you’re upset that the number on the scale hasn’t moved much but you can fit in a smaller size because your inches went down? Tell me that you would rather see the scale move 2 pounds vs. 1 inch in your waist?? The scale doesn’t consider your healthy weight range…it only gives you one number. Within a day or two your weight naturally goes up and down depending on things like your water intake, salt consumption, pre-menstruation, stress and other factors. FLUCTATIONS ARE NORMAL!
  6. Feeling good about yourself mentally & physically! A scale cannot measure your self-worth! A scale shouldn’t have the power over you!

As you see there is a lot more to be concerned about then just the ONE number on the scale! Enjoy the process and embrace the ups and downs of the journey.

What’s your non-scale victories???

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