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5 ways to succeed with RevolutioniZe

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5 ways to succeed with RevolutioniZe

5 ways to succeed with RevolutioniZe:

  1. Communication is key! We are not mind-readers so if you have a question or concern about the program you are doing please reach out at any point! We are here to help every step of the way but if we do not know what is going on in your head then we can only help with what we do know! Let us know if anything in your life has changed like how much physical activity you are doing, if you are feeling sluggish or sick, etc., this way we can make the changes to your plan if necessary. All the coaches/nutritionists have their phones on them at all times reach out and if they do not answer right away they will as soon as they can!
  2. UTILIZE. We give you the tools, use them! The program is made specifically for you and just like any other program it doesn’t work until you do. You invested into this RevolutioniZe program so use it to see the best results!
  3. MEASURE. Measure & weigh all your foods when you can with the exception of going out to eat then guesstimate to the best of your ability.
  4. TRACK YOUR MACROS. Whatever you put in your mouth track and hit those macronutrient goals you are given!
  5. COME IN FOR YOUR WEEKLY APPOINTMENT. If you can make it in to your weekly appointment please do! Or make sure you at least get a phone call in weekly! I find people that I see weekly tend to succeed better than other clients who do not come in as often.
  6. ASK QUESTIONS. You have our contact information so whenever you think of a question reach out! Like the old saying “no question is a stupid question” and it is so true, so please ask questions! It is a learning process so the more you ask questions the more you will learn and it will become easier and easier day to day.

Here at RevolutioniZe we are a family and we want to help to our best abilities to assist you in hitting your goals!  Use these tips on how to succeed at RevolutioniZe so you can and will succeed! Take away message: Communication is key & the program won’t work unless you do!

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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