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5 Reasons Why Meeting with a Coach Each Week Guarantees Success

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5 Reasons Why Meeting with a Coach Each Week Guarantees Success

5 Reasons Why Meeting with a Coach Each Week Guarantees Success



By meeting face to face you can keep your motivation high and constantly be riminded of why you are on this journey! 

2. Let us help you!

It allows us to do our job and help you as much as possible if we are aware of how you are doing day-to-day!

3.Success Rate

You will reach your goals. If you put your mind to it and want to change you have to make the effort. The clients I talk to are almost 3x as likely to succeed!

4.Utilizing Your Investment

You invested into the program…in order to see results you have to put in the work of trying and staying consistent. We give you the tools but you are the ones who must use them and work towards your goals!

5. REPEAT Let us help you!

If you are having obstacles and challenges during your fat-loss journey we want to know about it so we can help you overcome those challenges and reach new limits! We have weekly follow ups so we can learn how your weekly progress is going but that does not mean we can only talk once a week, we are here to help every step of the way so when a question or concern comes up we want to hear about it! Communication is key and will help you with your progress!

Stay on track and stay consistent with hitting your numbers and reach out to your nutritionist/coach to see the best results.  We are here to help you but you need to work for it as well.

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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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