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5 Easy Ways To Get Back On Track

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5 Easy Ways To Get Back On Track

5 Easy ways to get back on track

As we always say here at RevolutioniZe, Life happens. Sometimes things come up that change our plans. Sometimes we go on vacation. Sometimes a weekly cheat meals turn into a cheat day. No matter what happened, whether it be something positive like a cruise vacation or something negative like a cheat meal gone too far, the strategies for getting back on track are exactly the same.


  1. Accept It & Move On

It is what it is! There is no use dwelling on the past. Move on and use your time correctly. Get back on the grind immediately. Don’t start tomorrow, don’t start in a few hours, start RIGHT NOW.


  1. H20

Water is your friend! Upping your water intake can help with post-indulgence symptoms like bloating & dehydration. Drink up!

  1. Don’t Starve Yourself

Your first instinct may be to make up for the excess of food by starving yourself. DO NOT DO THIS! Bingeing and starving is a vicious cycle that is extremely destructive to both your body and your mind. You need to continue to fuel your body properly. If you want to go a tad lighter on the carbs for the first few days that is fine, but nothing crazy! Eat nutritious, real foods.

  1. Get in the Gym

Put that surplus of carbs, fats, & proteins to good use! With all that stored energy you’re likely to get a GREAT workout in. Big, compound movements that work multiple parts of your body such as squats are great to do after a period of indulging. Training legs is your best bet.

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Written by: Emily Ventura BS Public Health

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