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3 thoughts that can sabotage your progress

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3 thoughts that can sabotage your progress

3 thoughts that can sabotage your progress

  1. Unrealistic goal setting
    -Do not make goals that you cannot realistically reach. Set small goals that ARE realistic and attainable and if you don’t reach them then do not get upset or discouraged, we are not always going to reach the goals we want in a certain time frame but that does not mean give up that means you need to work that much harder to reach your goals.

-Some people come in to start at RevolutioniZe completely sedentary and tell me their goals are to workout 5x week, drink 1 gallon of water and do flexible dieting, while that is a great goal it is a little drastic to jump right into, you will most likely be successful if you start small and work your way up! For example start 2-3x week exercise and drink a little more water each day to reach your goal!

  1. Don’t be upset with the results you get for the work you did not do.

-If you are good Monday-Friday but fall off every weekend you may not see results that you want…consistency is key for fat loss and to create a healthy lifestyle change. If you are not putting in 100% of the work, do not expect 100% results simple as that! We give you your macronutrients for a reason so it is important to reach those macronutrient goals each and every day this way we can see if changes need to be made! If your numbers are all over the place each day that can alone be a reason why you are not seeing the changes you want to see and also if you are not tracking everything you are eating then we are not able to see how you are actually doing so we are unable to change your numbers because it is unknown how your body will actually react to the macronutrients assigned to you to hit each day. Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally is comes from what you do consistently.

  1. Progress not perfection

-If you are progressing in the right direction during your fat loss journey that is a win! You should always strive for progress not perfection because if you strive to be perfect that might set you up for failure and allow you to become discouraged quick.  This goes back to the goal-setting, make goals that will help you progress in your fat-loss journey not cause you to get frustrated and fail. There is no end game here at RevolutioniZe we are not a 3 month challenge, we want to educate you to be able to create a healthy lifestyle change and be able to do this long-term.


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Written By:  Rebecca Desousa BS Nutritional Sciences

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