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3 signs that you should consider stepping off the scale for a little

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3 signs that you should consider stepping off the scale for a little

Daily weigh-ins can be a valuable tool in understanding where you are in terms of your goals, but it is not everything that is going to determine if you are making progress in the right way and some people tend to get obsessed with the number on the scale. Other ways to determine progress are to go by how your clothes are fitting, look at your body composition changing, energy levels, strength increasing, etc. 

If you fall in the category of these 3 signs, then you should probably consider stepping off the scale for a little…

  1. Your happiness hinges on the number. Did you feel good prior to weighing yourself and then didn’t see a number you liked and then felt terrible?  Let’s say you had a great week you were on track, worked out every day, felt good energy, etc but then you step on the scale and see nothing has changed, even though you were feeling great from meeting your goals from the week that diminishes because of the number on the scale. The scale has no measure for your happiness. If the scale starts taking over and working against you get rid of it!  
  2. You react by making drastic changes to your diet/workouts. Seeing an increase in weight could trigger someone to avoid eating all day and over workout or seeing a decrease could be a trigger to overeat that day, almost as a reward. Your weight is going to fluctuate day-to-day it is just science and many things can influence that like sodium intake, stress, hormonal changes, so instead of daily weigh-ins maybe keep it to weekly weigh ins if you must.  
  3. You start doing multiple weigh ins throughout the day! Multiple weigh ins are not a great idea because your weight can fluctuate up to 5-7 pounds throughout the day because you are consuming food & water and obviously they need to go somewhere in your body. It is important to maintain consistency whether it is daily or weekly weigh ins make sure it is the same time, same day and you are wearing the same clothing and always taking into considering what you consumed the day before like if you had a higher sodium meal or a little extra carbs. 

If the scale is consuming you and making you believe it is the only tool for progress then stay away from it and trust the process and wait until you get scans/weigh ins done at your appointment. Again, the number on the scale doesn’t define you so stop letting it control your happiness. If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing progress will happen so just do your job

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